Scheduled Services

For the SMB that just neds to be up and running all the time.

With a Scheduled Monthly Maintenance (SMM) plan in place virtually everything is taken care of so that your staff don't need to focus on IT issues when they're better of focusing on your business. With an SMM agreement you have a choice of what level of maintenance your business really needs and the security of knowing its being checked daily so there's no surprises. With fixed pricing for each service it makes it a lot easier to budget for the financial year too.

Please call for further information and a free onsite consultation.

Security Services

Network and Internet security...

Over the years we've seen so many changes, so many new attacks, so many products that promise the world but unfortunately don't deliver. There's viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware, root kits and on and on... Not to mention data leakage, external attacks on networks and now the big one - Social Media in the workplace.

Thankfully there are some ways of controlling this but it requires your security to be handled in a certain way, call us and we will be happy to share a few details.

Consultation Services

The hardest thing for a SMB owner/director to do when it comes to IT is to plan out their future IT. The constant adding of new devices, smart phones and tablets, not to mention the upgrading of one software version to another or installing a new server because the current one has no warranty and it's on its last legs!

It really can get beyond you the amount of changes always happening, we aim to make it a bit easier by simplifying the business network. We can make basic recommendations to get you started or we can audit and plan your future changes easily.

Everything else...

Well we all know IT is a very large and diverse subject, for SMB clients we aim to simplify everything that can be and then plan out what are the best changes for each individual business, sometimes things just need to be tailored to what you need.

That's where everything else comes in, we have a range of basic services that aren't needed by every business. If it's something related to Business IT, you can be sure we can help.