Remote Support:

For remote support Universal IT utilise a Remote Access program installed on your PC or MAC system. If your system does not have Teamviewer installed please click on the link following and install before contacting our support team, just to save a bit of time. If you have any issues just call us and we will get it sorted out for you.                                                                                                                                    PC - Teamviewer | Mac - Teamviewer

Onsite Support:

Quite often most assistance can be completed remotely without any support staff needing to visit onsite, but sometimes this cannot be avoided. If during the remote assistance its determined that you need some onsite help, our support team will organise and schedule an appropriate time that suits you.
If you just need someone onsite to do several things at once then just click on here and either email our Support Team or give us a direct call.                                                                                                                               Contact Us

Emergency Support:

Occasionally this does happen, if you need us to drop everything and get there as quick as yesterday then call directly. We have staff trained to handle the emergencies that all businesses at some point experience, with the support also of remote staff to get you up and running FAST!                                                                    Contact Us